5G in Space

Space Wars Are Here

UK Makes Extensive Plans for War in Space

Vid…I received this from the Benjemain Fulford Report. The report states this is an attack by the Chinese in space out of retaliation for blocking their cargo via the Evergreen ship and truck, against our Equipment up there, but it all seems a bit speculative and thus we are unable to say with certainty what exactly it is and who is responsible for it…

Firework/Meteor Like Blasts in the Sky/Space That Do Not Look Like Starlink

Vid…Incredible Bruce Gagnon Interview…
The Space Force: Origins from Operation Paperclip Nazis, Info Starts around 5:15 In, his background starts @ 2 minutes in…

Audio…Starts around 4 minutes in, “72,000,000 lbs of plutonium already shipped to Saturn” (this is stated in the beginning by interviewee but she speaks slowly)
Bruce Gagnon Interview The Ongoing Danger of the Militarization of Space



The public/private “partnership” from hell, placed in the heavens and you know if they say “they may do this” the plans are already in action…
US Air Force May Use Starlink for Military Applications

Space Force Weaponizes Outer Space

Pentagon Fear Deadly Microwave Weapons are Undetectable
Petition Filed to Stop Global WIFI from Space

Russel Brand…
Tech Billionaires Buying Up Space WHY IT EFFECTS YOU

Critics Take Aim at SpaceX Starlink, Amazon’s Project Kuiper and Other Satellite Constellations

Feature Length Documentary Film…

Pax Americana The Weaponization of Space
Interference with Satellites Leads to 5G Moratorium