First Net/LA RICS

LA RICS is the local Los Angeles cell tower agency for First Net, the federal cell tower agency and funding arm that provides all local cell tower agencies across the US with tax payer funds, for the radiation saturation of “every square inch of the US” according to ex First Net Chairman Sam Ginn.

This page is dedicated to the problem: A new ubiquitous governmental microwave irradiation saturation plan that includes ubiquitous surveillance, as well as the solution:

What is First Net?

From here down are posts from 5 years ago when we helped block LA RICS/First Net towers in LA County…

Recently, Los Angeles County Board of Sups., in an unprecedented hearing on microwave radiation and public health, voted unanimously in favor of public and environmental health, freedom of choice and public input, stood up to Homeland Security, the wireless and surveillance industry and even the Telecom Act, and voted to REJECT its 149 LA RICS cell towers and even more LA RICS towers if the public did not want them.  This new found courageous stance for public and environmental health has now spread to the LA City Council where Councilman Mike Bonin outright banned LA RICS towers from his entire district.

First Net, an International Surveillance Operation in Conjunction with  5VEY and SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE

According to reports from around the world, other countries, primarily the “FVEY or 5 Eyes” countries, presumably as part of a SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE operation, are also rolling out similar national government controlled cell tower networks, to cover every square inch of their countries as well.  These countries include the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  However, other countries may also be involved that are not in the FVEY or 5 Eyes international intelligence operation.   Thus far, reports have been received from the US and Australia as to the intent and/or actual implementation of this new bilaterally invasive (both health and privacy) microwave roll out.  All of these cell towers have 2 things in common…they are all surveillance capable and they are all paid for and operated by the governments of the countries they are being rolled out in.   This roll out may also soon include microwave irradiation saturation via satellite.  To get educated on First Net, LA RICS and to get an idea of what may be happening with your own country’s current or future governmental cell tower surveillance roll out, please watch the below video…


The below flyers are in .doc and can easily be adapted for your own city or country:

Download our LA RICS flyer in .doc so you can add or delete content as you see fit…Cell Tower LA RICS flyer1

And here is just a plain ole regular cell tower flyer in .doc that you can also make your own.  Download it, distribute in your area and block your cell tower!  Cell Tower Flyer LV

Remaining LA RICS Cell Towers, Primarily in LA City Council Jurisdiction with a Few Remaining Ones in LA Board of Sups. Jurisdiction

From the above link we have thus far stopped 3 towers minimum in addition to the 149 stopped by Board of Sups.  That still leaves too many un-stopped cell towers in Los Angeles.  Recently we retained council to see if it will be possible to file an injunction to stop this roll out.  To make a tax deductible donation to our legal fund for this effort through our non profit, sister organization,, please click on this link.

Thus far, our success in stopping the additional 3 towers has come from grass roots, local organizing, knocking on doors within a few hundred feet of where the towers are to be going in, handing residents (and businesses – they are flesh and blood too) flyers and speaking with them (very important to talk to people as opposed to just flyer – they have questions and are depending on you to inform them) about the health effects as well as property devaluation and surveillance, getting residents to sign petitions (this also gives you their contact info so you can follow up – ask for phone #, email, name, address, etc. – make sure you can read it all before leaving!) and to call their local rep with jurisdiction over the area of the tower to get them to hold a hearing and stop it from going in.  You should ask if they would like you to follow up with them and mark down who to follow up with before leaving.  Then follow up to make sure they called and emailed their rep and are passing out your flyer to their neighbors and speaking with them. Weekends from 10:00 AM – 12 noon is a good time to catch people at home.  Leave a flyer in their door handle or attach to their mailbox if they are not home (but not INSIDE their mailbox as this is considered mail tampering and illegal).


It’s important to remember that you have more of a voice in these towers as opposed to regular corporate owned towers because they are being funded with your money.  We believe this is why our LA Board of Supervisors were so easily able to reject them based on health and safety.  Please keep in mind your community can do the same thing!  You can point to the LA County Board of Sups. ruling (pages 3-5) as an example of a local government being able to reject them based on health and safety.

We need to start rejecting these microwave saturation and surveillance grids as a mater of life and death.  Microwaves are responsible for many different illnesses and deaths amongst humans, wildlife and the environment.  Please see our ARTICLES page for more info on this.

This section of this page is devoted to the letters the Los Angeles Fireman’s Union has sent LA Fire Chief Terrazas to halt the installation of 231 locations of brand new super high powered cell towers to be placed on their fire stations roofs or property. Evidently the chain of command is such that the firefighters union represent the actual firefighters while the chief may actually represent the county as management.  So in reality, apparently the chief works for and answers to the county or LA County Board of Sups., with the actual firefighters having their union representatives represent them to the chief…the chief may have LA CountyBoard of Sups. best interests in mind ($$$) rather than the firefighters!!!

The IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) have already issued an IAFF Resolution halt to cell towers, transmitters and antennas on fire stations due to the severe health effects it causes the firemen and woman who work and sleep at the fire houses.

Here are a series of letters from the Los Angeles Fire Fighters Union President to LA County Fire Chief Tarrazas

Cease and Desist UFLAC-2. Health and Safety Radio towers.Lima

Here is a 2nd letter sent by Firefighters Union after first letter was ignored by their fire chief…

2nd UFLAC cease and desist to FC re cell phone towers-1.092414

Here is a 3rd letter sent by LA Firefighters Union President Lima, still ignored by Fire Chief Terrazas

UFLAC Letter to Public Safety Committee re LARICS cell phone safety issues – proper neighborhood notifications and unilateral implementation-1.Lima


12 Billion for Major-Cell-Tower-Upgrade-for-Los-Angeles-and-Nationwide