Cell Tower Studies

Background radiation from millions of antennas, cell towers, transmitters, smart grid, WIMAX and even satellites beaming down pulsed WIFI radiation, is in desperate need of legislative action. There is currently NO PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY PROTECTION from the “non thermal, non ionizing” effects of this massive, ubiquitous, radiation exposure which is so damaging it even kills animals, birds, insects, plants and trees in addition to humans. The same illnesses caused by cell phones, WIFI, smart meters and other wireless radiation exposure also happen with the infrastructure that supports it, such as cell antennas and towers.

Excellent compilation of studies and graphs on cell tower/antenna exposure and illness.

Table of 10 Cell Tower Epidemiology Studies.

Table of 78 Cell Tower Studies showing health problems.

Biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays

300 % increase in cancer for people who live within approx. 1500 feet of a cell tower for an average of 5 years…Cell Towers Increase in Cancer 4 fold

Cancer Clusters In India.  Residents get cell towers removed after suffering illness and death due to cell tower radiation exposure.

Property Value Drops in India by 20% When Located Near Cell Towers

US Dept. of Interior Attacks Cell Towers Radiation as Cause for Wildlife Harm