The Birds & The Bees, The Flowers and The Trees

Please click on the below links to papers and articles on how cell tower and other wireless radiation harms insects, birds, bees, foliage, plants and trees…

US Department of the Interior: “Non ionizing (wireless) cell tower radiation causes plumage deterioration, reduced survivor-ship and death to birds and wildlife, hypoxia and heart attacks to birds and offspring and even migratory nesting problems.”

UNESCO WILDLIFE REPORT: Botanist Report Links Pulsed Microwave Radiation from Wireless Transmitters to Disappearance of Birds, Bats and Insects

Millions of bees die – are electromagnetic signals to blame

Increased and Reduced Aversive Learning in Honey Bees Exposed to Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Produces Biochemical Changes in Worker Honey Bees

Mobile Phone Mast Effect on Common Frogs (Rana Temporaria) Tadpoles: The City Turned Into a Laboratory

Non Thermal GSM RF and ELF EMF Effects Upon Rat BBB Permeability

Ants Can be Used as Bio-Indicators to Reveal Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Waves from Some Wireless Apparatus

The Incidence of Electromagnetic Pollution on Wild Mammals: A New Poison with a Slow Effect on Nature

Fruit Flies…Drosophila Oogenesis as a Bio-Marker responding to EMF Sources

Radiofrequency Radiation Injures Trees Around Mobile Phone Base Stations

Adverse Influence of Radio Frequency Background on Trembling Aspen Seedlings: Preliminary Observations

Incredible photographs of what microwaved water does to plants

This is a study on plants…
The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation from the Skrunda Radio Location Station on Spirodela Polyrhiza (L.) Schleiden Cultures

Birds and Trees of Northern Greece: Changes Since the Advent of 4G Wireless

Video from Europe with Subtitles…
Unknown Tree Damage By Electromagnetic Radiation