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IRS 501c3 Non Profit letter

We have recently deleted Paypal from our website for obvious reasons, but in case you were unaware, Paypal has broken all trust with its clients and threatened to KEEP anything up to $2,000 if  your thoughts, opinions, words and actions did not align with theirs, they might not give you the money someone donated to your cause and would instead donate it to a cause they felt was more worthy, or possibly just keep the money themselves. Incredible but true, so we are moving on.  We appreciate, need and are grateful for your generous support, so please just send a check or money order until we find a suitable platform through which to run your online donations.  Thank you for understanding and taking the time to write a check as opposed to send us something online..

People’s Initiative Foundation
101 S. Topanga Cyn. Blvd.
Topanga, CA 90290

Please note the IRS would not take the word “The” in front of our title and the bank wouldn’t open the account with the word “The” in front either, therefor, checks should be made out exactly as entitled above, People’s Initiative Foundation, with no “The” in front.  But always contact our website with the word the in front.  Otherwise you’re taken to a different organization!  Confusing and annoying, I know.  But what are you gonna do…argue with the IRS? We have accepted our fate with this one…for the moment.