FCC Lawsuit 2020 RF Standards

FCC Lawsuit 2020 RF Standards

Please click here to read our legal brief against the FCC for failure to protect public health and safety with regards to the RF emissions from wireless devices and infrastructure and to add “non thermal from non ionizing radiation” effects to the criteria for safety standards.

Petitioners’ Joint Opening Brief Against FCC

Please click on the above link to read our filing against the FCC from July 2020 to review RF safety standards in the US, currently unsafe for human and environmental health and the below excellent amicus curiae briefs in support of our lawsuit.

Amicus Curriae Briefs in Support of Our Suit…

NRDC Amicus Brief

Building Biology Institute Amicus Brief

Joe Sandri Amicus Brief

Catherine Kleiber Amicus Brief

FCC Brief – Response To Our Complaint

FCC Statutory Addendum

Our Joint Reply Brief 10-2020

Our Joint Reply Brief Addendum 10-2020