FCC Lawsuit 2020 RF Standards

We Won! FCC RF Standards Ruling

In this historic win, the court ruled the FCC ignored complaints of health effects from current safety standards, the $30,000,000 NTP study showing clear evidence of carcinogenic effects, effects on children, pregnant women and reproductive harm, neurological damage, the environment, etc., etc., etc., and were ordered to review the current science and come back with more protective standards.

FCC Lawsuit 2020 RF Standards

Please click here to read our legal brief against the FCC for failure to protect public health and safety with regards to the RF emissions from wireless devices and infrastructure and to add “non thermal from non ionizing radiation” effects to the criteria for safety standards.

Petitioners’ Joint Opening Brief Against FCC

Please click on the above link to read our filing against the FCC from July 2020 to review RF safety standards in the US, currently unsafe for human and environmental health and the below excellent amicus curiae briefs in support of our lawsuit.

Amicus Curriae Briefs in Support of Our Suit…

NRDC Amicus Brief

Building Biology Institute Amicus Brief

Joe Sandri Amicus Brief

Catherine Kleiber Amicus Brief


FCC Brief – Response To Our Complaint

FCC Statutory Addendum

Our Joint Reply Brief 10-2020

Our Joint Reply Brief Addendum 10-2020




FCC Lawsuit Vol 1 Resolution of Notice of Inquiry Order and Notice of Inquiry

FCC Lawsuit Vol 2 FCC Coments, Reply of CTIA and Mobile Maunfacturers Forum

FCC Lawsuit Vol 3 Research Compilation Abstracts Over2100 Studies 1990-2017 Lai

FCC Lawsuit Vol 4 Abstracts Over 2100 Studies 1990-2017 Lai part2

FCC Lawsuit Vol 5 Abstracts Over 2100 Studies Moskowitz

FCC Lawsuit Vol 6 Moskowitze

FCC Lawsuit Vol 7 History of Exposure Limits, Morgan, Ulrich, IARC

FCC Lawsuit Vol 8 Bioinitiative, IARC, NTP

FCC Lawsuit Vol 9 Modulation, Bioeffects, Reproductive, Bioinititive

FCC Lawsuit Vol 10 Bioinitiative, Comet Assay, Free Radical Stress, Epidimiology, Hardell, Soderqist, Carlberg,

FCC Lawsuit Vol 11 Dart, Weak Magnetic Fields, Goldsworthy, Melter, Maisch, Powell

FCC Lawsuit Vol 12 Cypress, Neurological, Oberfeld American Academy Pediatrics

FCC Lawsuit Vol 13 Appeals

FCC Lawsuit Vol 14 Mechanism of Harm, BBB, Oxidative Stress, Salford, DNA Damage Dart

FCC Lawsuit Vol 15 Prenaal Doctors, Scientists, Letters, Children, Herbert,

FCC Lawsuit Vol 16 Prenatal, Children, Comments

FCC Lawsuit Vol 17 Wheeler, Tsiang,

FCC Lawsuit Vol 18 Cell Phones Brain Tumors Hardell, Carlberg

F CC Lawsuit Vol 19 Gandhi, Moskowitze

FCC Lawsuit Vol 20 Industry Influence, Hardell, Herbert, Harvard, Maisch

FCC Lawsuit Vol 21 Maisch, Carlo, Lai, Ketcham

FCC Lawsuit Vol 22 US Naval Med Inst, Fire Fighters Exemption, Foster Comments, Mallory-Blythe

FCC Lawsuit Vol 23 Comments, Barris, Hertz, et al

FCC Lawsuit Vol 24 Comments More

FCC Lawsuit Vol 25 Doctors Letters, European Initiative

FCC Lawsuit Vol 26 Individuals Rights

FCC Lawsuit Vol 27 Children, Int Policy