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Mission Statement…The People’s Initiative Foundation is a brand new non profit charity dedicated to educating the public on making change where there is stagnation in the areas that deeply effect us all, but have been overlooked by our government.

The projects can be on the local, state, federal and worldwide level and can range anywhere from local community projects to documentary film making, to advocacy issues regarding congressional legislation and beyond.

Whether it’s helping the environment, animals, children, the elderly, the poor, the homeless, a third world country or even just strengthening existing protective laws so as to give them teeth, PIF is committed to helping make the real changes necessary, by educating the public on how to change the law.  So called “special interests” effectively control the legislative process.  We seek to educate the public on how to have a real influence on government and see that issues important to us all, not just “special interests” receive the attention they deserve. We support and encourage average citizens taking this kind of responsibility for their community and their world.


The problem of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is a prime example of special interests effectively controlling the legislative process.  The Telecom Industry has created special legislation which protects their interests, even at the expense of public health.   One such legislative bill is The Telecom Act which effectively removes the local community process on decision making when it comes to allowing dangerously toxic radiation emitting transmitters and antennas in their neighborhoods.  This industry was also permitted to sell their radiation emitting products (cell phones) with no premarket testing and no post-market surveillance.

So…for the past 3 years we have been researching the science behind EMR (electromagnetic radiation) as emitted from cell phones, antennas  and transmitters, as well as the politics behind it all.  We are also following the path to protective legislation by interviewing Washington lobbyists and politicians who will be teaching us about the legislative process and how to effectively create a bill that passes.  We will soon be able to post the pathway to legislative action right here on this website, so that anyone with a good bill idea but not a lot of funding or even political clout can get their bill going and hopefully passed (if it is a good bill, protective of public welfare as opposed to just corporate profits).

More info on the problem with cell phones…

Surprise, surprise…the American people have been hood winked into believing these EMR emitting products are perfectly safe even for our children.
Many countries including France, the UK, Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, India, Austria and Belgium have all issued public health warnings regarding children and have placed limitations on cell phone use, WIFI in schools and even changed EMR regulations (to lower exposure, not higher).  Why is it that most people in the US don’t even know there’s a problem with these electromagnetic radiation emitting instruments?  This question and much, much more will be addressed in the film we have been working on, the release date of which will be posted on this website, hopefully by the end of 2010.  But in the mean time, time is of the essence and every day that we expose ourselves to these radiation emitting devices is one more day that brings us further at risk of developing life threatening health effects.  Knowledge is power and it starts with getting educated about the situation.  On the lower part of the right hand column of this page there are some extraordinary links on the health effects and background info on the situation.  Please click on them and please browse through all of the pages on this site to get informed.


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