The Safe Schools Initiative

Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in one of the biggest covert, toxic threats to our children and of course ourselves in the history of mankind.  We have all been lied to about the “safety” of wireless radiation.  Please see the various links in this site for credible info on scientific studies, including NIH (National Institute of Health) which found “clear evidence of carcinogenic effects”.

If you are participating in our program whereby you are given a loaner meter to measure the radiation in your child’s school, please send the following to contact (at)…

  • good, readable, pictures (please show them to someone else to make sure it is readable) prior to sending
  • a picture of whatever you are measuring: the cell tower, cell antenna or WIFI router, etc.
  • the name of the school, the grades the school serves
  • your name, direct contact phone # and email address (this will never be shared with anyone outside of our organization

You can send multiple pics or radiation measurements, ie, the WIFI router in your child’s school, any “smart” learning equipment such as the little trolley some schools have in the middle of the classroom, multiple cellular antennas or transmitters in the area that are irradiating your child’s school, etc.  Please just identify whatever it is you are sending, such as “WIFI router”, etc.

Once we have what we feel to be enough measurements,