Mission Statement

The People’s Initiative Foundation is a non profit charity dedicated to educating the public on making change where there is stagnation in the areas that deeply effect us all, but have been overlooked by our government.

The projects can be on the local, state, federal and worldwide and range anywhere from local community projects to documentary film making, to advocacy issues regarding protective legislation, to lawsuits and everything in between.

Whether it’s helping the environment, animals, children, the elderly, the poor, the homeless, a third world country or even just strengthening existing protective laws so as to give them teeth, PIF is committed to helping make the real changes necessary, by educating the public on how to change the law, bringing our own lawsuits and educating legislators.

“Special interests” effectively control the legislative process.  We seek to educate the public on how to have a real influence on government and see to it that issues important to us all, not just “special interests” receive the attention they deserve. We support and encourage average citizens taking this kind of responsibility for their community and their world.

Although at legislators requests as per non profit rules we have assisted in gathering expert witnesses, we have in the past, done our actual lobbying through our sister organizations:




However, since founder/director of PIF has become EHS (electrohypersentivie – civilian term, microwave radiation poisoned – military term), the lobbying through our sister organizations has had to come to a stop and we are now focused on studies, lawsuits, petitions and anything else to raise awareness and create change in the area of involuntary wireless radiation exposure.